You will regain your mental and physical well-being, and have energy enough to live each day with harmony and fullness.

Do you have ailments that you can’t find a solution to?

¿Sientes apatía y amargura por esta situación, que está afectando negativamente a tu calidad de vida?

Do you feel apathy and bitterness about this situation, which is negatively affecting your quality of life?

Can’t you do your daily activities and this martyrs you?  Suffering, distress, discomfort… is your painful day-to-day life?

 Do you like to return to your normal life and be able to continue to enjoy it in total fullness with your relatives?

You constantly hear that they offer you a way out of your problem, but as much as you try, nothing comes to a solution.

This gives you disappointment and mistrust, as “everyone tells you the same thing.”

 Health, your most precious asset, suffers because of the pace of life that society imposes on you and the pressure you put in it.

We would like to share with you a different proposal to solve your ailments in an entirely natural way.

A breath of fresh new air has come to you, which will flood you with satisfaction and help you improve your quality of life: Le Parc Institut.  

We are Jordi Sardiña and Francisca Rivas, creators of Le Parc Institut. Generators and drivers of a new way to protect, preserve and defend your well-being.

 Our passion, research the origin of the different disorders you may suffer and help you regain the internal balance your body has lost.

 Our motto is: Prevent rather than cure

In order to discover the origin of the different disorders you may suffer, our passion is to investigate it. 

In order for you to recover your internal balance more quickly, we are true defenders of prevention, essential to improve the conditions towards a healthy life and to enjoy it.

In order to improve according to your problem, we focus on how the body works physiologically.

To solve your problems with maximum satisfaction, we rely on what science has discovered, as it is continually advancing, and what kind of scientific studies exist. It’s the basis of our philosophy.

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Listen to the opinion of the professionals

 How can I help you?

 I’ll let you tell me what you’re worried about. Take advantage of these 15 minutes.

 What can I offer you?

  • In these 15 minutes I’m going to valorate if i can do something for you.
  • In the case that i can’t do anything for you, I’ll tell you frankly.
  • If I can help you, I’ll explain how.
  • Anyway, you have the last word on what you want to do.


We invite you to read our articles that make up our Healthy Chronicles. You will meet our protagonists and show you how different factors can influence your well-being. Let’s start with the family inheritance.

John and Jessica want to buy a dog.

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